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Spring Pilgrimage Event – Wake of Annie Stewart Reenactment Tour

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The sun had set on the small town of Natchez, Mississippi, but inside Sunnyside, a grand plantation home, the lights were still burning bright. Guests had been invited to attend a Victorian Wake for Annie Stewart, a beloved community member who had recently passed away.

As they entered the house, they were greeted by a solemn atmosphere. The rooms were dimly lit and adorned with black crepe and lace. The guests were dressed in their finest Victorian attire, paying their respects to the deceased who died at Sunnyside.

This reenactment is a fitting tribute to a woman who had left a lasting impact on the community. As the guests left Sunnyside, they carried with them the memory of the Victorian Wake and the legacy of Annie Stewart.

This is based on actual diary documentation from Annie’s family’s descendants.

Refreshments will be served.

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$ 30