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The Towers – Ghost Tour

Ghost Tour, Natchez, MS

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Adult Ages 13+

Dare to Revisit the Haunted History of the Towers Mansion

Come, join us on the ghost tour of Natchez to explore the haunted history and the stories behind hauntings of the elegant Towers mansion.

The Towers, built between 1790-1826-1858, was the headquarters of the Federal troops for the occupation of Natchez during the Civil War. The Flemings experienced a multitude of personal tragedies in this exquisite residence which is filled with history, love, and loss.

Several ghostly appearances have occurred recently, including apparitions of these soldiers alongside the original 19th-century owners the Flemings Family.

Does soaking in the dark history of a gorgeous mansion while touring the delightful collectible items interest you? Then this is the tour for you!